WATCH: Using Dildos To Teach Gun Safety For Kids

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June 27, 2014 by The Zemanifesto

Unfortunately, today finds me without enough time to present the full scope of my ideas about guns and gun control — something to look forward to.

But I have some strong feelings about it, and it’s one of the few issues where I find myself in the “extreme moderate” camp, because I’m not welcome on either established side of this debate.

I have owned and enjoyed owning guns. My parents, East coast Jews, never had any guns in their home unless I or one of my friends brought one into the house. We relied on my father (a tae kwon do black-belt, trained by Jewish Defense League partisans) and his allegedly Chuck Norris-level martial arts abilities in the event of a break in, which thankfully never happened.


But growing up in New Mexico, guns were all around me, and I had the opportunity to hold and fire a lot of them, even some of those dreaded “assault rifles.” I never got into “gun culture,” and was content to own a shotgun and a revolver, which I practiced with a few times a month, without being an obnoxious dick about it.

I seriously question the sanity of people who stockpile dozens of weapons (of any kind) and spend a lot of time thinking about hypothetical home invasions and showdowns. But I also seriously question the sanity of people who think banning guns would be useful, never mind possible, and I’m always wary of anyone who purports to be acting on behalf of “the children.”

tumblr_n27dr189cH1rv6yl6o1_500I believe in car ownership as well, but I’m pretty fucking glad we have safety laws and licensing regulations for it. I know the pro-gun purists will howl “but car ownership isn’t expressly protected by the constitution,” and that’s true enough.

Still, I don’t have a problem with needing to pass a test to own a gun, because if it’s a test to see if I can safely and competently operate a gun, I’ll pass that shit.

At any rate, more on that some other time. For today, here’s a great PSA about keeping your guns away from kids. This shit is so true — “if they find it, they’ll play with it.”

Via Youtube


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