I don’t Know What To Name This Post… Maybe It’s Called Fuck You.

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July 22, 2014 by The Zemanifesto

Meet The Young Boss, Same As The Old Boss

There’s an industry term for the social phenomenon on display in this short video — “Young Boss.” The Young Boss is a force of nature. It cannot be contained or controlled, it can only be a straight up Boss.

There’s a toddler in occupied Brooklyn who just crushed his advanced Mandarin and calculus finals through Harvard distance learning. He spends his nap time studying for the Bar on his tablet under a blanket while snacking on steamed edamame. When he isn’t dominating his local youth lacrosse league, he programs fractal art and translates Greek poetry to Esperanto using calligraphy brushes.

That kid will grow up to be an immensely cultured and accomplished man, but he will still end up working for a straight up Boss. A Boss can be a man or a woman. A Boss is not made, a Boss is born.

Behold, cowering masses, the Young Boss en regalia:

Via Youtube


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