Five Movie Characters You Actually Care About Riding Falcor

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July 29, 2014 by The Zemanifesto

If you were born by or before 1985 or so, chances are you either adored The NeverEnding Story or were forced to watch it with someone who did.

So of course you remember this iconic scene, where the kid from D.A.R.Y.L. clings to Falcor the “good luck dragon” as he soars through the clouds:

Falcor lives on in the hearts of millions, and as the best part of the Bavarian Film Studio lot tour. Atreyu? He was in the original Frankenweenie and otherwise nobody gives a shit about him — it’s all about Falcor.

Here’s the shortlist of people (other than that kid from the Cocoon movies) I’d rather see riding Falcor, mostly gathered from the blog Who Loves Falcor? 

1. Millennium Falcormilfalcor

Shoop by Greg Zeman


2. Flying around, taking it easy for all us sinnersdudecor

Via Rabbit Tooth


3. Detroit’s air force, protecting the friendly skies robocor

Via Who Loves Falcor? 

4. With any luck, they’ll find their rainbow connection kermcor

Via Who Loves Falcor? 

5.They can never take our Falcor!bravecor

Via Who Loves Falcor? 




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